Why would my ex be stalking on a daily basis?

We broke up last November (she was the one that initiated it, and it wasn't a bad break up it was due to me not having enough time for the relationship with me being in school, work, and it being long distance). I have noticed she has been creeping on my social media (either it says, or basically I've narrowed it down to her and she's the only one that makes sense) on a daily basis if not more (increased in the last few weeks). Yet this past weekend she posted a pic of the guy I felt she left me for back in November on a snap story cuddled up next to her. There has been no other indication of a guy in her life this is the only thing that has been any kind of "proof". But I'm confused if she was with this other guy why would she be creeping on my stuff on a daily basis, I can see every once in a while or once a week out of curiosity but she's consciously going to my profiles on a daily + basis. she's also usually someone who is extremely devoted to the person she's with at least in the beginning..


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  • She misses you and can't forget you. But you have to draw a line, like the point where she starts messaging you.
    My ex stalked me for 3 years, and him calling my parents was the limit. Luckily it stopped this year after I threatened with going to the police if he would continue doing what he did.

    • Was he wanting to get back together?

    • No. He simply wanted contact. He did say every time that I was the best thing he ever had and his dream women. So the feelings were there but he doesn't want a relationship with anyone anymore. Not because of heart break, but realisation that he had commitment issues.

  • Maybe she misses you and/or wants to make you jealous and make sure you don't forget about her

    • What would the end goal be for that? Why not just be happy with the person you're with? (she usually just blocks her ex's after a break up).

    • I don't know, maybe she just isn't happy with the situation?

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