What's going on with him?

I asked him several times to stop creeping on girls Instagram, we were dating and not exclusive, so I know I couldn't tell him what to be doing. I explained that while that is so, it's not normal to be creeping on 10 other local girls. He said they are just friends. I said there's nothing wrong with having girls for friends, but you clearly don't think off hear girls as friends by the way you are talking to them. I told him he was near fourty years old he needs to grow up and act his age and don't be creeping on people over a decade younger than him.
he deleted and blocked me off everything. He's just added the main girl I was worried about on Facebook and has now liked everything on it, it's only been a week later.
two months out the window because he would rather chase girls than talk to the one he's with. I'm hurt and just want to know why he's acting the way he is. He's 36 like I know things can't go back to how they were because I don't trust him. However he just ignored me without talking it through. Just so he could keep liking half naked girls on Facebook.


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  • two months lost but many others won. you've figured it out really quickly, don't waste your thought on this...

    • I know but I still feel sad, that I meant that little to someone. I messaged him a few times asking to be friends at least and he just ignored me, i just feel a bit worthless, he's ignoring me yet running after these girls. I've deleted his number and all his messages.

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    • Thanks, and you know what he's not changing for me, I doubt he will change for anyone else, maybe I just need to trust my gut from now on. Thanks so much for taking time to reply to me and your good advice

    • You're welcome... never ever distrust your "gut" or generally speaking... yourself. That's the most evil manipulation a person could do to another... undermining the self esteem. Don't fall for that!
      Move along, learn your lesson and dance your way out of it :)

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