If your ex boyfriend deleted you on social media what does that mean?

Hi my boyfriend and i just broke up for 3 weeks now (we were agree to stay friends, but i haven't spoke to him since the breakup), and 2 days ago he unfollowed me on instagram and today he deleted me on snapchat (i post happy things tho on snapchat eventhough i am really sad and broken), i really wonder what the reason could be, but i am not going to ask him why he unfollowed me and deleted me.
what could the reason be?
by the way he dumped me out of the blue, i was so confused because we were so inlove and we had so much fun together (at least that is what i thought) and he was the one who said that he still wants to stay in touch and still wants to be friends (and i agreed), so i don't understand if he wanted to be friends why deleted me on snapchat and unfollowed me on insta?


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  • you are writing you agreed to still be friends
    but after a break up almost always one or both creates distance between that person and himself or herself
    just let him go for some time
    it could take months before the scars are healed
    but after they are healed you probably will become friends again
    I wish you and your ex the best

    • yeah but i don't understand why he unfollowed me if he was the one who still wanted to be friends.
      however i guess you are right we both need time to heal, thankyou!

  • That "Let's be friends" line is a load of absolute hogshit.

    He deleted you because he doesn't want any contact. It's better this way.


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