Guy is totally ignoring me?

Me and my ex reconnected three months ago. We have fought a lot due to a rocky past and his own inconsiderate things he's done in terms of treating me well, but I agree have been hard on him and we have fought too much. He's told me multiple times he is just sick of fighting and wants to go back to normal. The other night he apologized for previously treating me poorly when drunk and asked me to drive to see him (long commute) and when I showed up he said I could only hang out for 20 mins, so I got mad I wasted the time and gas. He ended up leaving right away even though I was annoyed and when he tried to drive away I followed him, asked him not to leave in anger, and grabbed his door when he tried to slam it, then he rushed off. (I have abandonation issues and when he runs away he triggers an emotional response so he KNOWS he shouldn't do stuff like that).

He texted me saying he can't see me anymore and said later that was only because he was hurt that I threatened him with the same thing and he tries to "get even". He called me that night and said he wants to continue seeing me, begged to see me one more time, and said he wants to start over - he seemed pretty confident and positive.

The next day he ignored me all day and ignored all my texts. I asked him to please just tell me what was going on. He's stil ignoring me so I'm choosing to just let him. Why would he be ignoring me, if he said he wants to be with me the other night and just wants to work things out? What is going on?


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  • Who goes back with there ex? Wh-why? Who does that? Some people wake up later than others. I'm glad your getting your wake up call. He's called your ex for a reason.


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  • give it a few days and send a text along the lines of "look I'm not sure what's going on, I'll always care for you and if you ever want to talk you know where I am" then leave him tf alone. if he doesn't respond he's not interested, if he does respond get him to come to you next time


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