Girls, should I try to get to know her or?

Ok so a noticed a genuine girl whom at first I wanted to get to know, EVERYTIME I would see her would would exchange smiles or have nice but quick conversations. So I knew her friend and joked with her friend saying I think she's hot n that I'm going to ask her name etc because they work at the same place , however she didn't know the girl that well as she's new. So when I next went in my friend kept looking at me smiling , then the other girl was smiling etc so I left it and didn't bother going near her checkout anymore so we never spoke for months. So she would see me passing and we would just glance. So my friend told me who she was and I accidentally liked her picture during a party n unliked it after. So I got about turned off as her pictures are all posing ones etc. So for like weekends after I avoided making contact and she kept looking at me like she was trying to suss me out. Or in general keep looking at me. Glaring etc and now EVERYTIME she sees me she's either looking to see we're I am then making eye co tact n looking away. So it clear she knew I was maybe wanting to get to know her as my friend said to her , however after that we would still talk but ever since I accidentally liked her picture n didn't add her or wrecker she's become quiet and just keeps staring at me does she think I don't like her? Especially after not initiating after seeing her fb she may think I got turned off after finding out more about her


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  • If you want to

    • A part of me does, sh would always intimate I have never initiated conversation with her.

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