How do I let a girl know I like her without telling her directly?

without verbally telling her.


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  • Please don't use body language to tell this!There is this guy I like and he is doing everything that makes me think he likes me-he smiles a lot,always looks into my eyes,is sweet,caring,funny ,loves talking when we meet!But-it makes me crazy!Because until I am not sure that he really likes me ,i will be afraid of making a move !In this way it can continue and continue forever!

    Just tell her!maybe not exactly''i like you'' but be sweet and creative(''i would like to spend more time with you because you are so nice''etc)


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  • There's really no way unless you write it down and give it to her which is kinda cute

    • What about body language?

    • Body language can say a lot, but I can't think of any that would mean "i want to go out with you." I mean the only way to get it 100% through her head that you like her is by telling her either by just coming up to her and saying it or writing it down in a note or texting is one way too

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