How to Keep the Conversation Going with an Ex?

My ex and I ended on pretty bad terms, he said he would like to stop all communications with me because his new girlfriend did not like it and he wanted to focus on this new relationship. I went no contact for 2 months then reached out to him via text many times but he never responded. I accepted the hard truth and tried to forget the relationship but could not. A year went by and I reached out to him the other day, asking how he is doing. He responded a day later and asked about my well-being too.
Is it a good sign? Is he just being polite?
I responded with a simple 'glad to hear you're good, I'm doing well too' and did not ask about anything else. Was it an appropriate response? How should I initiate the next conversation? I really want to ask him if we can still be friends and if I can text him from time to time? Is that too emotional for starting a conversation?


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  • try to reach out to him with a critical situation. he will surely help. once you're done just let him know he is special and ask him he would be OK if you reach out to him for anything in the future.

  • just be honest with him... I think you should ask him if it's alright to stay in touch from time to time... and if he says yes great if he says no then I think you should respect that, and let him go and move on with your journey


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