I kissed the guy my best friend's in love with? I need help regaining her trust?

No judgement please as I already know I am a horrible person who's full of shit and should just leave people alone

Long story short my best friend and this guy hooked up months ago and stayed friends although she hasn't gotten over him. He stresses to her all the time that they're just friends but she's still in love with him.

I know how she feels because I'm in a similar situation and I'd be miserable if she had kissed the guy I've fallen for.

All I can say is that I was drunk, I told him no 4 or 5 times, suddenly he was pressing me against the wall and when I caught myself we were kissing. I wish I could say I didn't kiss back but I did and I'm tremendously sorry.

I was honest with her and apologized, explained it only really lasted 10 seconds until I pushed him away and she's really upset and mad at me (as she should and as I and anyone else would be)

I still love her a lot though and her friendship means a lot to me. I really want to show her it was never my intention to do that and I feel like crap for hurting her feelings. How do I do that? Can I ever get her trust back?


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  • You better make them up and move aside if u really love your friend


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