How do you trust a woman again after your wife leaves you for your boyfriend and is pregnant and don't know if it's yours or his?

she left me two days before our anniversary and took everything and her excuse was I think I got married to young so I don't wanna be married anymore. I never cheated abused or hurt her. I worked loved and breathed for her and my stepdaughter and now I can't even see the baby. how do i ever feel good enough for someone


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  • You have to love yourself and love life and stop caring a lot about finding the right partner, if u find her randomly and she turns out to be untrustworthy then fuck it! you had an experience and you still have you! keep exploring till one day, one girl will heal u, and make u able to trust her!

  • Why did you give a woman the final say in how good you are? Don't trust your own judgment?

    • I used to but after 3 bad relationships and my wife leaving me out of the blue. I mean four hours before she left me we were taking selfies and laughing and I went to work and I was left on my lunch break with two bags of clothes and nowhere to go after I have her everything. love respect money security faith I told her everyday how beautiful she was and did my best to be the best husband and father I could be I want without a lot so they could have what they wanted and needed. yet my boyfriend.

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    • It is not too much to ask. It is what most of us want. Feeling that you have failed is a normal feeling in these situations.

      In fact, you have failed, but not in the way which you have in mind. You failed in selecting your partner; that is a failure which you can correct. This failure does not mean that you are incapable of being loved.

    • thank you maybe one day I will be able to care again

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