Ok to respond to ex's texts?

My ex reached out to me after a whole month of no contact- all innocent stuff like just saying hi and jokes and cute animal videos but he didn't really keep the convo going. I found something funny today and sent it to him. Is this ok? We were childhood friends for 15 years before we ever dated.
PS- What should I do if he doesn't respond? I'll feel like an idiot!


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  • u two where friends before a couple.

    can't be together anymore?

    fine, u can always return to being friends. why not?

    was he a good friend before? is he a good person? is he a funny guy? etc, etc...

    humans are social beings. we work, think and behave better when in groups.

    if u feel he is worth keeping as a friend, then go for it! why not?

    just be open about it. let him know what u want and what u can give as a friend. be clear about ur intentions. not hard at all!



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  • Yes its okay if you know that you are not going to break down on him. You have been through a month of healing and grieving and dont let thst time go by in vain by someone who isn't ready to committ.


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  • I mean sure, but honestly do you really see a point in maintaining contact?


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