Girls, Can I still get her back?

Hey everyone I'm in a bad place right now and I simply don't know what to do. My girlfriend of five years left me march 1 2017 then got into another relationship march 13 with a coworker of hers. She says they are in love. I have done all the wrong things blew up her phone begging for her to come back voicemails text messages everything she blocked my number said she would get ahold of me in a week or two that she still wants to be friends. I know a lot of people say leave her she's not worth it she left you for someone else and so on but that's the love of my life we were engaged had plans for the future. This love is worth fighting for Please no negative comments I just need good advice to help me get her back I can't sleep eat nothing and the more time that passes the worse iit gets so please anyone help me


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  • Talk to her face to face because you know she won't respond to those texts five years is a lot I wouldn't leave like that what happened to make her leave

    • I honestly don't know. We were fine up until the last month or so her excuse was it was a toxic relationship that she wasn't happy. But she never once mentioned that to me until after she left me. She won't even talk to me because I've tried reaching out everyday so much that she has blocked my number. I'd give anything to get her back I would change and fix anything that was wrong

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    • But that's a risk that I really don't want to take because the thought of losing her forever is tearing me up so bad

    • I'm going through it now ugh so frustrating honestly

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