Am I genderfluid?

some Days i think "i'm obviously not a Girl" but then the Days after i think "i'm a Girl" and some i think "i Might be none" or "i don't know what i am but i'm just me"


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What Guys Said 2

  • Do you have a "Y" chromosome? If not, then you are biologically a female. Socially, it's become trendy to mix and match based on how one feels, instead of what is.

    • honestly i couldn't care less about Trends and What's Popular or not. i was just wondering if It were a possibility and by the Way, Gender and sex aren't really related :0 but i could be wrong

  • Tbh I don't really understand the thing about "feeling" like a certain gender, only reason I "think" I'm a man is cuz I have a dick, but if I didn't I'd think I was a girl


What Girls Said 1

  • You are probably genderfluid. I'm the same way.

    • thanks for actually answering the question!! why are guys only thinking sexual organ = Gender. ._. or, "you're trying to be cool" excuse you i'm not.

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