How to be friends with ex boyfriend?

- Very short term relationship
- I broke up with him because I wasn't happy and it was kinda better when we were just friends
- I think he's moved on already and he's the kind of person to move on quickly
- I want to be friends with him, I feel it's possible but I don't know how to make it happen, how to start conversations, what to say without me looking desperate or giving him false view on all of this ( because I just want him as a friend, I don't want him back as a boyfriend )

So, do you have any suggestions on this topic, advice anything that could help me?


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  • MrNapoleon is right. 99% of all issues can be overcome by open and honest communication. Define your relationship with him and tell him it's not going to change.

    • And when is the right time to contact him?

  • just talk to him. go to a park or something and tell him you want to be friends and dont forget to call him bro.

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    • I saw it, I disagree and I want to be friends with my ex because we used to be friends before we got into a relationship.. I still care about him no matter what

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