Is there any chance that I can get him back after he says that he's done with me and he won't give me another chance?

I guess it's really over for good. Me and my crush who've I've been letting come in and out of my life has left me again and I think for good this time. We got into one of our dumb arguments and because I wouldn't stop when he told me to stop he said that he has lost any feelings that he had for me and that he's done with me and he won't give me another chance. Last night it was pretty bad, I had no idea that he was sick, I was trying to get him to stay I blew his phone up with calls and text and long text on Messenger. He woke up and told me not to text him or call or message him on Messenger anymore he says that he's done because I was being selfish and wouldn't leave him tf alone when he asked me to.

He called me and hung up on me he texted me and talked all normal to me he called me again this morning talking all normal to me. And when I asked him if he had feeling for me or loved me he said, "bye." So what I decided to do since he was going to be like that I was going to burn the bridge so I did. I didn't say a lot of harsh things, but I did tell him what I was feeling I blamed him for a lot of things that he blamed me for. I thought I burned the bridge 2 yeara ago and I said some really harsh things and he came back. This time I don't know. We fight over stupid things all the time and for him to get mad at that is beyond me. He can be selfish when I was pregnant, but when I do it it's the end of the world. He says that he's done, but he didn't block me. I blocked him though. I don't want to believe that it's over, I've been crying and crying. I acted crazy which pushed him away more. I want to get him back, but it's too late. What's done is done.
He threatened that he would block me, but he never did. He calls me and says that if I don't listen to him that he will. How can someone move on when he is right there to talk to. If your done with someone you block all contact you don't make it where they can still reach out to you, right?


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  • :( sorry to hear your situation, but I think you should give him and yourself some space. I know what it's like to feel extremely dependant on another person and it's the absolute worst feeling. especially when you wanna keep doing more and you know you'll only get less out of it :( take a breather, collect yourself, and RE-establish your sense of independence. trust me, it'll be be tough, but worth it :) give yourself the respect you deserve

    • I'm not as dependent as I was. We use to talk almost 24/7 but this time around we talked her and there it just sucks knowing that I won't be able to talk to him anymore. 7 months ago I was in a good place and I thought that nothing would or could ruin that, but I was wrong. I regret responding back to him that day after everything he put me through. If he does come back again I won't make the mistake to reply back to him.

    • welp I suppose life dishes all sorts of lessons out, but glad you have a conclusion. just remember every relationship is different and don't let your future endeavors be tainted by this case :) all the best!

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  • He clearly won't take you back. Don't push him into having contact with you, because that will push him back further.

    • He probably won't, but he has said a lot in the last 3 years since we've been talking back and forth when we got into fights and he left and said that he wouldn't come back and that we're done he's always came back. I'm not going to count on it, but why leave a gateway to future communication? Why not just block me completely? If I was done with someone I wouldn't make it where they would be able to reach me if they needed to contact me.

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    • I understand. I hope it will be easier and better soon.

    • Thanks me too

  • I think you're scaring him


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