Is it normal that my ex blocked me from everywhere?

I had been in a relationship with this girl for 3 years we were veey close to each other and we had a good chemistry... we used to have small fights but everything used to get back to normal... on 14th February this year we had a small fight... after which she decided to give up on me... and... she told me that... she doesn't wanna be with me... I asked her for reason... she said there was no reason... its just ger decision and I have to respect it... I took all possible efforts... but things started getting worse... the more I tried to convince her... the more she started hating me... there is no reason for break up we were great togethe... suddenly this happens... but I was hoping that she would come back since there was no reason for break up... but.. 3-4 days ago she told me that... she has decided just to remember all the fights and bad memories... and she doesn't ever think about all the good and romantic stuff... so that it become easier for her to forget me... and since last 3-4 days she has blocked me from all the possible sources... I wish that at least we could be friends... i mean were not just girlfriend boyfriend... but we were each others best buddies... and i didn't want to lose that...
please help me guys i mean I am clueless... who behaves in such a way... Is it possible that we can talk ever again?


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  • It's normal to me, she just really doesn't want any contact.
    It's hard to accept her desicion, I know.
    About talking again;; maybe not, but maybe if you give her some space and time, she'll think about it. It's her desicion, and you shouldn't beg her to come back or anything, that's bad.


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