I kissed the guy my friend's in love with? I don't wanna lose her friendship?

No judgement please as I already know I am a horrible person who's full of shit and should just leave people alone

Long story short my best friend and this guy hooked up months ago and stayed friends although she hasn't gotten over him. He stresses to her all the time that they're just friends but she's still in love with him.

All I can say is that I was drunk, I told him no 4 or 5 times, suddenly he was pressing me against the wall and when I caught myself we were kissing. I wish I could say I didn't kiss back but I did and I'm tremendously sorry.

I was honest with her and apologized, explained it only really lasted 10 seconds until I pushed him away and she's really upset and mad at me (as she should and as I and anyone else would be)

I still love her a lot though and her friendship means a lot to me. I really want to show her it was never my intention to do that and I feel like crap for hurting her feelings. How do I do that? Can I ever get her trust back?


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  • been there bud, and I totally empathize with tour case. truth is that if your friend cared about him, she would understand if that he is a person too, who has his own interests, and not property. you didn't start this, he had his own intentions, so don't beat yourself up, over something you can't control (how she feels about you). you've extended your apology and it's up to her to accept it or not. if she doesn't there isn't anything you can do, but it's on her in that she let her friendship get ruined over a guy that she wasn't even dating at the time. so no matter what happens, hold your head up high and move forward. :)


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  • ... you already lost her friendship.
    I would have a really hard time wanting to remain friends with someone who hooked up with a guy she was perfectly aware that I was head over heels in love with, and on top of that, tried to shift the blame by saying it's because she was 'drunk'. At the very least, own up to having royally fucked up.

    After that, it'll be up to your friend to decide if she wants to keep someone like you in her life or not.


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  • stay away from the boy. and keep trying to make up with her. she's just hurting and she simply needs to vent. it will pass, she simply needs to see you're still a friend.


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  • avoid all possible contact with kissy face to regain your friends trust


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