My husband says he loves me cause I'm the mother of his children?

Is this love or some bullshit?


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  • Ouch. Put him on the spot, Ask him, "would you currently love me if we currently had no children or is it only because of them you love me?" Read his reaction and hesitancy after asking and you will have your answer.


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  • And this is a problem... Why? Do you not trust anything that he says, or are you just really that insecure of why he even got married to you in the first place? Let alone having children with you? You have to understand something here. Men are not women. We each have our own personality and the goals that coincide with our personality. He sounds like less of an emotional feeler and more so of a rational feeler. Which means he feels that being dutiful to you and the family makes him happy more than words of affirmation. I know that it doesn't sound romantic. But you did choose him and marry him and made him the father of your children. Surely you understood that this is who is his from the beginning. That part of him will never change. However, if you don't feel like he is being genuine, then you should personally ask him why he says the way he says it. Just don't accuse him. And be careful with your attitude. Because he will take it personally, and will assume that what he does for you and the family is not enough. And it will be viewed as if your rejecting his form of showing you love. Hopes this helps.


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  • Some bullshit.😑smh

  • Bullshit


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