Girlfriend keeps hacking my facebook?

my girlfreind had hacked my facebook for the 2nd time since we started dating a bit less than a year ago. both times she got heart broken because intold to freinds of mine that they were cute, and sweet. low and beholf she was getting notifications for ever text i sent to everyone. how on earth can this be healthy?

they are both far far away and id never meet them and they are just freinds, swear they are nothing serious.


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  • I'd say to work on improving your FB security but honestly, it sounds like this girl needs to go. It sounds like her mission from the very start of your guys' relationship was to frame you as the 'bad guy' after she pulls controlling/manipulative shit like hacking your FB and using shit she found only to paint herself as the 'victim'.


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  • She shouldn't be breaking into your accounts. Most likely she is guessing your password or you have it saves in your browser.
    I suggest dumping her, she is snooping through your stuff. This shows she doesn't trust you, so the relationship is almost certainly doomed.


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  • Why's it okay for you to flirt with your female friends though?
    Also, how did your girlfriend get your password?

    • no clue, its not flirting gosh, whats with people complaments...

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    • @Thisperson98 not always , but most people in a relationship wouldn't be too happy with their spouse messaging the opposite gender and talking this way to them. Of course everyones boundaries are different

    • Not really, most people can actually know the difference between flirting and complementing.
      If only thing he does is complement them, then I might understand, but I doubt all the messages were complements. It is like a girl posted a picture of herself in a nice dress and him saying she looks cute in the dress. Then they talk about something completely random. Would someone see this as flirting? Most likely not.

  • Get a better password dude


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