Should I consider breaking up?

First, I never got to meet my gf's father because he doesn't want to meet any guy she's dating fine.

However, now her mother was been meddling too much for these past two months to the point she's literally speaking on my gf's behalf every time I stop by at her house. I used to get along with her in the beginning. All of the sudden, according to my girlfriend she's been criticizing about me to others (to her closest friends and family members). To add more insult, on my last visit, her mother kept complimenting about her ex boyfriend she had (how he was so special, etc) before me in front of her. Basically I ended up hearing nice things about another guy I've never met nor care about for about 30 mins and my girlfriend said nothing.

My girlfriend does absolutely nothing at all. I've already explained to her more than 2 times how this whole situation is making me feel but nothing is changing.


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  • break up

    • ok thanks... gonna do that today.

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