What does it mean when someone says "I care for you too"?

and then added, "you know why it is, its your sense of humor".

I think she knows how I feel about her but she won't say how she feels about me. I had just told her that I cared for her after we had had a falling out.

When she said it I just took it as meaning that she just confirmed that she cared about me, as friends, but since then I am pretty sure that she has changed her behavior towards me and we are even closer. She is in a marriage at the moment, which is not a particularly good one, but I do not know if she has the courage to leave it and I don't want to pressure her into anything.

There is always a danger of reading too much into something after the event, but can I ask you to think about what it would mean if you said the above to someone? In the area of relationships I know a lot of people who find it hard to say things directly say it indirectly and I do wonder if this could be the case here?


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  • It means they care for you literally.


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