Time or words? Guys help?

Me and the guy I was talking to got in a disagreement. We haven't talked at all for like 2 days I don't know what I should do because we are both hard headed... should I give him time and let him come to me or should I just say I'm sorry like the other hundred times. I do miss him a lot but I feel like space is what is needed for him so he can see where his feelings truly are.


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  • If you have done this a hundred times like you said you have then he's expecting you to do it again... would he not? And what was the argument about though? Your fault, his fault... what do you say?

    • Well we aren't in a committed relationship and he has a lot of issues (emotionally ) but he says he likes me a lot. Well he never hung out with me when he was living on his own so the way we built a "friendship" or whatever you want to call it is by talking every day (texting) . he moved in with his friends and the texts got shorter. I went a year with just talking to him so he can grow a little bit and I can better myself as a person. Well the other night I texted him and said I couldn't do it any more because I don't feel like I'm anyone to him. So I don't know I guess it's my fault if he doesn't write me ever again and maybe I pushed for things too much but I didn't think it was fair. Like I said I do miss him a lot but I just don't know what to do

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    • Thank you so much ! That's a very good point and actually made me feel a lot better !

    • No problem any time and dont get me wrong he must be a hell of a great guy. But you also have to look out for yourself and realize where this situation has been, where its all, and where its going or not... because time does pass by, it does'nt wait for you no matter what. Good luck with everything, and take care.

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