Will he ever come back to me?

He flirted with me for a few months, I always ignored him until finally, I gave in...things went up and down from there...when we were together, he was perfect- kissing me, cuddling...but when we were apart, he was so distant, even cutting the phone in my face. I guess I looked a little bit desperate but he kept on confusing me and I just really wanted to know what he wanted from me.

Well, he canceled another meeting with me and I got really mad, went up to his place and finally squeezed the truth out of him. He told me that he'd thought about it and just wanted to be friends...I told him straight up that I didn't want to be friends with someone as irresponsible and thoughtless as him...and slapped him..i know what I did was bad but...to find out that all this while he was just playing me...it kind of hurt...anyway, since then, whenever we cross each other (we attend the same classes and have the same friends), his head is always down..he never looks at me...and I sense this sadness on his part...even though he was such a jerk (I'm not the only girl he 'flirted' with..i mean, he even went to the extent of saying he wanted to marry me and stuff!)

we never had a relationship..and my question is..will he ever consider me again?or was the slap a little too much?


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  • I don't know if the slap was too much...I think he understands he acted like a jerk. I'd say he deserved it. This guy is def not a relationship material. You shouldn't mourn "the loss" of him. Move on, there are nicer guys around

  • Er yeah the slap was probably too much but why on EARTH would you want to be with this guy in the first place now that you know what he is like?!

    Ditch him. He obviously has no respect for you (ever) and if he is not even looking at you then I would maybe say that he's not even all that keen on you now. If at all.

    Do yourself a massive favour and try and get over this douche. He sounds like an intense player and is probably embarrased that you caught him out at it. The time that you spend waiting for this guy to come back to you is time you are wasting. You are probably sailing right past all the nice guys who are genuinely interested in you because you are focused on getting this idiot back.

    The short answer to your question, though is no. He won't ever consider you for the relationship that you want.


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