Ex is going to have a one night stand with friend, I'm kind of pissed how can I not be?

So my ex broke up with me 3 months ago. She was never interested in sex or even getting any wear below the underwear. I got to a point of trust with her that we were getting there but after almost 8 months of dating she broke up with me because God told her or something. Anyway, she is about to have a one night stand with a friend and we are all on vacation renting a house. While my ex and I are friends status this whole thing pisses me off. I know she is free to do her own things and that she is not mine. But it pisses me
off that I always respected her wishes and built trust and now she wants to have a one night stand. How can I not be pissed?


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  • Technically she is free to do what she wants, obviously, but this strikes me as very inconsiderate. If you're all on vacation together, it's pretty rude of her to do this at a time when it will be right under your nose and you can't escape- and it's pretty rude of the friend to be part of it, too.

    One option is to talk to her, or to the friend, and let her/them know that this is flat out inconsiderate and insensitive. You're totally justified in being upset, because this behavior is pretty unacceptable. You are their friend, and they should care about you enough to not treat you this way. But some people are shockingly oblivious, so it's possible that they're not intending to be rude. Talking to them is an option. The other option I can think of is to distract yourself with something that will really engage you, and preferably get you out of the shared house- tourist activities, groups, tours, hikes, museums, movies, festivals, zoos or aquariums, whatever is in the area that you're visiting that you find interesting. That way, you won't be too focused on this, and you'll have something positive to turn your attention towards. Alternatively, if it's an option, you could consider heading home early so you don't have to deal with this behavior from your "friends".

    • Ok thanks. This is some good advice. Maybe I will say something.

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    • Yeah thanks. I've gotten rid of some of the emotions but I'm still pissed

    • You have a right to be. What they did was not cool.

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  • "God told her or something"... *Goes for a one night stand with one of your "friends"*. That's messed up and it's even more messed up they're your so called "friends"...

  • With your friend? Or just a friend?

    • It's with a friend but not a super close one. Still I talk with him a lot. Plus he cheats and everyone knows it which is why I'm pissed. Also they did it so now I'm onto what should I do now that they have done it haha

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    • Thanks for the help!

    • No problem

  • Get away from her

    • I can't, she is part of my friend group and we are all renting a house together on vacation. As such I can't exactly get away from here

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  • Bitches be crazy eh?

    We like to say that women like to have sex just as much as the guys - just not with you. :)

    If this were me I would not be hanging out anywhere or with anyone connected with her. Time to move on.

    Bang one of the other chicks there? [shrug]

    The best way to get back at an ex is to simply be awesome.

    • Haha yeah thanks. It's kind of hard to avoid things though because we are all renting a house together.

    • Since then I've tried getting together with two other girls and I have torturous luck. One is a girl who I am basically dating but I can never officially date her because she doesn't want a relationship due to college. And another girl I met actually admitted she liked me and I like her too but we live in opposite ends of the country :/

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