What would make you miss your ex more? Seeing them all over social media? Or if they went totally MIA from it and you had no clue about their life?

  • If I saw them all over social media I'd miss them more
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  • MIA would make me think and wonder about them all the time
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Most Helpful Guy

  • The only things that can cause me to miss my ex's are a strong cross-wind (20 mph or more) combined with an unknown range that's more than 300 meters. Movement that I can't anticipate may contribute, too.

    Oh, you meant "miss" in a different context... Oops.

    Yeah, nothing can make me miss them. My life is better without them in it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Probably MIA, because I'd wonder what they're doing.
    The better question is, why are you asking this question? Because playing mind games or pretending to not care and go MIA won't fix anything with your ex.
    Remember that you can't force anything.


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  • The first thing I do after a break up, is wipe them out from all social media existence, I delete pictures of us, and even change my phone number. I'm quick to cut toxic people out of my life. I'm the one that goes MIA. Out of sight, out of mind.

  • Neither. Short of... actually, no. Literally nothing could make me miss his sorry ass. I blocked him on social media anyways.

  • If I saw them all over social media I'd miss them more. Because if I don't see them it's out of state out of mind

  • seeing them all over social media


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