Yes, the most cliche question, but I'm having trouble getting over it?

My boyfriend just dumped me today. It hit me pretty hard. He said he really does like me, but he rushed into it and can't do a relationship, but he still wants to be friends. I'm guessing that's guy code for he doesn't like me. I'm having trouble not crying and feeling like shit... does anyone have any suggestions for me?

(Also, I feel like there's someone who's going to be like "Just get over it", well I tried and failed. You don't need to say that.)


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  • It could mean various things, but as for suggestions just look forward. There are 7 billion people in the world. Every day can bring something or someone new. So who knows? Maybe someone who IS ready will pop up. Watch some shows you like, talk to friends, play video games if you're into em, read a book, do things to keep your mind off it or just let it all out and get it out of your system. Everyone is different and has different coping mechanisms. If you need to talk to anyone I'm sure anyone here would be willing as well as your friends. Break ups suck. But hey, they're not the end by anymeans.


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  • could you provide Info on what was the relationship like? it's hard to jump to conclusions without knowing what lead it he dump you

    • well it was pretty short tbh but it was really fun we would always compliment each other and he'd tell me i'm beautiful, we got along so well and i thought everything was okay... i mean i guess he seemed more distant since we started dating and he never said he loved me but sometimes you wait on that and he has said love is a strong word... I don't know. i was so shocked when he broke up with me i thought nothing was wrong.

    • Speaking from experience, people have buyers remorse once find out his/her partner's flaws. However, base on what you described the relationship was like, I get this feeling that both parties are not invested enough to really get to know each other. obviously you posted question here implies you still care. There are many questions to ask and only you have the answers.

      Honestly, I think he's not really ready for a long term relationship. I could be wrong since I don't know you guys' age, career, dream, passion and hobbies.

      My conclusion is, you don't know him enough to figure him out. And again, if you invested way to much to get to know the person might seem clingy.

      yeah maintening a healthy relationship is hard.

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  • The best advice i could give would be to not waste any more time/energy on trying to figure out why he broke up with you, as if there is some kind of reason in the first place. Which often there isn't and if there is one, i doubt it'll be one that would paint you n a positive light.

    Distract yourself. Out of sight, out of mind.

  • Drink a ton of water, eat your veggies and greens and don't forget to squat.


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