How to make a guy fall in love with me?

I know this sounds bad but... I want this guy he's a husband to leave his wife for me.. the story is crazy , I know he doesn't want just sex because that's not the only thing we talk about he tells me things that only he should tell his wife honestly.. he gets up and leaves early in the morning and calls me just to talk to me.. he haves 2 phones.. 1. For work then another for personal use.. he gave me his work number because he's like I love talking to you. We made it a joke first one that falls in love loses and he goes" I want to love you" I said " on sex" he said that's just a plus but I want to love you but I I don't want to lose... I want him to fall for me hard. I want him to want me. Because I want him and I can't tell him that because then he thinks he haves control. Like I tell him I want him sexual but I never said yes I want you.. in that way.. because I'm scarred to get hurt. And he's much older.. lol I'm 18 he's 30


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  • be a bleach blonde, and put a gold bikini on

    by the way, i dont condone 18's with 30's, that's not cool

    • But I'm very mature honestly for my age had to grow up quick.. so when your talking to me it's like Talking to a 25 year old

    • i dc. i dont condone it

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  • takes time but eventually his lust for you will outgrow the one for his wife and then he will leave her for you


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  • Until he leaves his wife don't believe him, that has got to be the oldest saying in the book that they'll leave, and then they don't.

  • For starters you can't "make" someone call on love with you. Those things happen naturally. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • *fall in love

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