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okay so my ex broke up with me new year's eve over text and he had been gone for break prior to that. but i had gone over to his house for Christmas eve for dinner with his fam and everything seemed fine. His mom and dad even got me these expensive presents so it makes no sense. but also that night he wasn't really in the mood for anything including hanging with each other after his family left? I don't know well 6 days later after not seeing each other i'm getting that long ass text saying he doesn't wanna be in a relationship anymore? by the way we are still friends and we still snap chat everyday but I don't know what do you guys think?


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  • He's not interested in being in a relationship with you for whatever reason, take your pick. Either way I suggest you cut him out of your life so you can properly move on. An ex belongs in the past. The longer you keep him around, the longer it will take to heal from this and find someone who's an even better match.

    • i have tried to cut him out i literally just can't i don't wanna bc i just feel like we started the relationship too quickly and it's been 4 months since so maybe things will turn around?

    • He's not interested in being with you, if he was he would never have broken things off. You need to let him go. Don't you think you deserve someone that wants to be with you and not with somone who's meh about you? I'm sorry, I know breakups suck, but they're always for the best.

  • he's gay? might just not be wanting a relationship no more

    • not gunna lie that's what all my friends have told me that's he's gay lmao but then if he didn't he should of ended it before Christmas cuz you can't just decide 5 days later he had to have been thinking for awhile

    • some people's intentions are never clear. I've ex broke up with me saying she was a lesbian. next day she was making out with another guy.. I'll never know why she used that terrible excuse XD

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  • Why don't you just ask him in a friendly manner? Don't tell him your hopes of possibly getting back together just ask for his honest answer.


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