How to get over a long distance breakup?


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  • it shouldn't be that hard if it's long distance lol just being honest. he's probably over It so, do you

    • Well yes, it is a lot easier than a normal breakup, but the pain is still there. Not having any contact with a person who was there for you for 6 months can be painful

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  • Just try focusing on other things to take your mind off of it, you're gonna think ab things from time to time but after a while you'll feel better and wonder why you ever felt down in the first place

  • You have to focus on something else

    • The thing is, i do. I enjoy my life and try to get busy and it works, but then it just hits me out of nowhere

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    • Would you mind sharing me your story? Maybe just a glimpse of it.

    • Well, I met this guy on a social media app called Instagram and I private message him one particular day then the rest was history. Our long distance lasted for 2 years off and on even though I was still in love with him after we broke up. I was in the 8th grade when I started talking to him then during my summer break I found out he had another girlfriend and he clearly moved on. I was so heartbroken that I thought I wasn't good enough to keep him and he didn't see my full love for him which took me a few months to get over him. I couldn't wake up without thinking about our good memories over the phone, late night talks, laughter, and the bond we had. Sadly, he is still with his girlfriend and I have fully healed myself by teaching myself to let things go

  • Exactly


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