Clueless.. What should I do?

My guy did something annoying yesterday, I texted him Good morning he replied telling me morning was bad and his night was terrible and again he doesn't want to talk about it.. I told him okay to tell me later but I got curious and asked him why he couldn't tell me then.. And the reply I got was can I please stop replying cos its annoying him... Then I stopped replying.. he call me hours later to apologize but I'm angry and I never asked what went wrong cos I want him to tell me himself.. Of course I should be angry.. I'm his girlfriend he should be able to tell me things and he shouldn't have been that harsh cos I was just curious.. I would never have done that.. Is it right I'm angry about it?


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  • yes and maybe he is hiding something. don't stress yourself if it doesn't feel right then it's not right


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