What would this reaction of my ex boyfriend's mean? really?

Me and my ex broke up 3 months ago. He has just turned 34 and I am 25.

A bit of history: Since the breakup it has been 3 times since 3 unknown, different numbers are texting me on viber, and this hasn't happened before with unknown people (not sure if they're the same person or not, so I am referring to it as numbers) telling me that they want to get to know me. The first two times I politely refused to get to know them and blocked them afterwards. But the third one..

The recent story: One night again someone started to text me on viber and starting talking as if they knew me. I told the person to stop contacting me many times, but he wouldn't stop. I knew blocking wasn't a solution anymore, so I lied by telling him i am a married woman and pregnant. He again didn't stop, so I left a picture of me and my ex on viber's display for maximum of 1min. and BAM! my ex called me in that very minute, but I was so shocked that i couldn't pick up the phone. He then texted telling me that I should feel ashamed to put that picture, and that I should never consider contacting him etc etc..

I am quite surprised! Is it possible that he was staring at me every second? or he was the one who contacted me with that "fake" number? hmm...


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