Why does my ex-girlfriend keep contacting me?

I dated my ex for over a year and I thought the relationship was great but she left me. Before the break up I had no problems with her but after the break up she started to treat me like garbage. Still I took space and tried to stay on good terms because I was borrowing a few textbooks for a class I was taking. At the end of the semester when I dropped off her books she begged meto stay friends with her even though she was dating a new guy who she got a week after we broke up. I decided to try being her friend after she apologized for stuff.

A week after she blocked me for months over everything which I didn't care about because her new boyfriend didn't want her being friends with me. She ended up sending a facebook friend request after they broke up. I ended up accepting but after about a week of her texting me I just left her alone and a month later she gave an apology and asked for my school schedule for the upcoming semester, i gave it to her but told her I just wanted to focus on school this school year and be left alone. She still messaged throughout the semester and was very pissy to say the least.

Thanksgiving came and we said happy Thanksgiving and I brought up the fact that one of her friends said she was worried about me and that I just wanted to clear things up. She got pissed again and started treating me like garbage and ended up saying she didn't want to be friends again so I agreed and blocked her.

Over the months when we saw eachother on campus we just ignored each other's existence (she started this before I blocked her). Recently we were walking by each other and she said "Hey" and I said "Hey" back and kept walking. What's with her new attitude.

Tl dr; Great relationship, ex-girlfriend left me. Months later she begged me to stay friends, treated me like trash until I blocked her, then ignored my existance, and now she's saying hi to me when she sees me.
Why does my ex-girlfriend keep contacting me?
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