Guys, why does he need to get over me?

we were together 3 years. we were bffs before we dated. i didn't want to date my bff so he chased me for a year 1/2. i finally gave it a chance and everything was going so well. he always reminded me of his love and that i would be his wife in a couple years. he gave me a promise ring after just a couple months, let me meet his parents right away & even paid for our vacation out of the country to meet more of his family. after the trip he confessed he wanted space while he handles hos own life obstacles and i couldn't accept why after all that time of our relationship going overall well. i thought it was because of a girl since he did it out of no where. he still wanted to be friends and texted me every day all day but in person he was very distant. i explained I think it was a girl and took everything he ever got me back because I don't want to wear things from an ex. after the day of me telling him I think it's a girl and returning his things in the mailbox. He's never talked to me since , but social media he has things about relationships like "trust the process, don't rush it", and "a good relationship is worth the wait", etc. which lets me know he's constantly thinking about me. so why has he ignored me for 2 1/2 months. why is he trying to get over me if just 4 months ago he was so infatuated with a future together. so confused?
and put "I hope you're missing me the way I'm missing you"
also put "if you're lucky enough to get a second chance at something, don't waste it"


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  • i think your assumptions of it being a girl showed him your quick to jump to a conclusion when what it could be is much more difficult too explain because girls always need a reason when some guys just dont have good enough reasons.

    i mean have read several threads in here from where the guy did not communicate and the girl jumped to the assumption it was a girl because the guy found it hard too explain. i mean how do you explain
    something that really has no words?

    its hard as hell for a guy when it may be simple for girls.

    • he told a mutual friend i wasn't understanding the situation he wanted to go through alone to make him a man so he ignores me because talking wasn't working. he always said I wasn't understanding and I did understand the situation I just didn't get why he had to break up with me or "have space" to deal with it.

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    • I'm living my life now I just reach out every now and then, which he never responds so I'm getting sick of it and wanted answers. but I'll trust that you're right and he will actually finally respond soon. he has issues outside of us that was going to put stress him which would put stress on the relationship which he didn't want for me so he wanted space to handle it and see if we can rekindle after he's done based on our lives at that given moment. i really hope we are just at a "to be continued..." phase and it's not completely over, but I don't know how men think when in these situations. although his social media proclaims he's yearning for me.

    • thats a plus for you then doing what i suggested would be a good idea unless you find a better answer from someone on here.

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