GUYS: why not return my belongings?

In short we were engaged and together for 2.5 years and doing long distance. He stated he couldn't do the distance because of his schooling and job. We had an amazing relationship and unmatchable passion. We saw each other usually two times a month and text/spoke all day every day. As per him I was the love of his life, the most amazing beautiful woman he ever mer and his forever.

He ended it over a year ago. It was terribly painful. Anyway I STILL have all his belongings and he has a very precious heirloom of mine that he knows I want back. He says he would never keep it from me but here I am without it.

No, I'm not calling the police. No, I'm not blocked. No, he would never ignore a text from me. He is from where I live and his entire family here too. So I know he's been local for holidays etc.

Just looking for a males opinion on why he would do this?


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  • Maybe he is holding onto it in the hope that it keeps a tie between you both? Kind of like a safety net. A foot in the door incase he wants to go back through it?

    • Thank you. Kind of what my gut is telling me knowing the restionship we had... I imagine he feels this is his final "link" to me and he knows I ant cut him off until I have it.

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    • Well putting myself in his shoes, i would say it's deffinitely to keep his options open. If you go to his place he can't really not give it to you, he'd be on the spot... then maybe watch how he reacts and if it comes to it, just ask him if he is having problems letting you go completely?

    • Thank you for your input. He's a solid 5 hour drive away that I refuse to make. Plus it's not in my blood to be "that" girl and he knows this of me.. trust me I still have keys to his apt so the thought has crossed my mind but I'd never.

      I've called him out on it and he responds with fluff. I appreciate your response :)

  • he could just be holding onto it so that he has something to remember you by just because he ended it because he couldn't do distance doesn't mean he lost feelings for you


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  • he is lazy and doesn't care about u that's why u broke up

    • Thank you :). But lazy would be the exact opposite word id use to describe him. He is the most motivated and calculated human I have ever met. Just the fact that HE reaches out to me to say he's coming home with it then disappears tells me he knows full well what he's doing and not lazy.

    • so u see him on the regular? he probably lost it or pawned it or something. just ship his stuff back to him and draw a boundary. tell him u won't talk or communicate until you get it back and see what happens.

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