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i am in love with this girl, but she has someone else, she asks me to help her with stuff like mobile phone credit, cigs and other things, yet she does not like me enough to to love me, so do I stay a friend to her or not? I think her fella should be doing this for her and she should not be replying on me,

she says I do a lot for her and she appreciates everything I do for her yet to date she has not shown it, OK she lets me take her out as friend and that but I am so confused, I would prefer girls to answer this as they should know if it can be done..

i even bought her a new mobile which I still have yet to give her, I am not sure if she will thank me for that either as she did say are you sure, it is a lot to take from you. she says she wants to fix me up with a friend she did have someone in mind but she said she was not suitable for me as she says she is a bit of a gold digger, but some say that about this girl I am so confused I don't know what to do..

this girl apparently got these two together,


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  • It sounds like she's just making use of your affection for her.

    If you are strong enough, you can continue being a friend to her, but try to kill all expectations of getting what you want, i.e. a relationship.

    I don't know her personally, but some people can be manipulative of other people's feelings/affections, but I certainly hope it is not the case for you.

    In any case, good luck. :)

    • Thank you so do I kill everything I do for her as well cut off my help as well but still be a friend? I have to admit I find it difficult to get girls

    • It'd probably help if you did that. I have the same problem myself. When I like someone, I will want to help the person, make the person happy. Sometimes, it gets to the point whereby my existence/happiness depends on his happiness.

      To stop yourself from over-investing in this emotionally, before you do something nice for her, ask yourself, if it were just a regular friend, would you do the same? If the answer is no, then don't do it.

      In short, be nice, but don't go out of your way to do so.

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  • read the story in my profile named "lets just be friends"


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