How can I move on from a relationship that wasn't even real? (Long distance)?

My long distance boyfriend of 7 months ended things with me 3 days ago, because he "couldn't imagine a realistic situation in which we wouldn't hate each other in a year because of our differences and his lack of communication". That was his reason. I honestly think he actually got bored of me but whatever. The thing is, i feel lost without him. I try to keep myself busy and it works for awhile, but then it hits me out of nowhere and it's like a constant pain in my chest. I didn't delege his number or any messages, because i just feel like keeping them will still create a bond between us. I stalk him and i'm ashamed to admit that, but i always check if he's online. I just miss him. How can i move on? It's driving me insane.


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  • Keep a friendship?


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