Should I give him a chance or leave?

I went out with the guy I'm seeing the other night. Known him 4 years, we reconnected in the new year. Started out great and went downhill, especially when he started engaging in addictions and drinking again. The other night he got drunk and treated me like absolute shit, displaying signs of emotional abuse and got irrational in every way possible - thought I was flirting with his friends (no), screamed at me, blatantly disrespected me and said gross, vulgar things and even said one thing in front of his friends, with me there, that was straight up mean.

He has texted me 4 times and I've totally ignored him for days. He apologized, said he is not going to touch alcohol until his birthday in 4 months, and agreed he was reckless and stupid. He disrespected me to the point that I don't even know what to say or do. I don't know if I should completely ignore him, take a break for a week and tell him that I need to figure out what to do, or if I should just dump him. He has mistreated me more than once so I have little hope it will stop but I do know he cares for me, is just immature too often.

What should I do? i want to be happy and healthy, but I don't want to regret not giving him a chance or have any "what if"s in my mind.


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  • He treated you badly when you two weren't even together. He is an addict, and even if he's sober, he can always fall back. If he does, you know what he will do.
    I would honestly not date him. And these doubts that you have, will stay. I had doubts with my ex, and chose to date him. He ended up abusing me. Trust your gut!


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