Girls, Girl breaking the ice or not?

Girl whom works at my gym I only see on weekends for the end of her shift she hangs around the reception and she caught my eye abit the first time I seen her and we was making eye co tact etc, so she always goes on the gym after her work and always glancing at me or listening in to my conversations if I mention a female her eyes are on me. So for months she would try not to smile behind the reception when I walk in but not actually smile at me more like she was trying not to but then in the gym she just glances and stares at her phone playing music. However she just spoke to me for the first asking if I was using something then I asked her the same thing 10 mins later so after her leaving with her friend she looks back at me before walking off so why after so long and not speaking a word has it changed? she wouldn't normally say anything


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  • she was shy


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