What sould I do?

Hi everyone
I like a girl in my school and i got her snapchat from one of her friends. so when i got it I've sent her a message hi how are and she answered normally and then after a week I've sent her that i want to talk to her and im shy to walk up to her because of her friends she replied that it ok come and talk i can't stand alone with you so no one get us wrong with a winky face😉 so I've told her that i will talk to her in the trip that we had in two days so in the trip I've tried to walk up her but i was shy to go her so I've sent her a message after the trip that im sorry i didn't come i was shy and im not used talking to girls so she replied the next day with? So i told her you probably mad because i didn't come im so sorry thrn she replied no of course after she said that i said thank god
And then something strange happened she sent me Don't talk to me or send me anything with a smily face🙂 and the I've said sorry at the end she send me a thumbs up 👍🏻.

So what can i do?


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  • whatever you want to.

  • she is playing you
    ignore it

    • Playing me for what?

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