This is for people who have divorced after many years of marriage. How do you pick up the pieces and move on?

I'm coming to the end of an 18 year marriage. I was trying to figure out what is next.


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  • Lean on your friends for support, eventually you will slowly move on and will start to feel better.
    A big factor in my view is how the divorce was handled. If it was good and for the most part amicable it can make moving on much easier, if it nasty and it can drag you down for a long time.
    Thankfully mine was amicable.


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  • I've obviously never been divorced, but I'll try to answer this based on what my dad answers.
    He says he was really depressed about it for a few months (living in an apartment by himself, not being able to see kids, court and false accusations, he became underweight). But he eventually began to be with friends were and go on carefre dates.
    Might I add he would jog a lot, go to church, and later on got to see his kids


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  • Take some time to reevaluate your life, and go to therapy. Then take a course or two to examine your interests. If you feel like it, date a little, but be wary of rebounding.

  • I was only married a little over three years but honestly as cliche as it sounds time heals all wounds.


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