I dont understand this break up?

so this guy at work has been telling me about his relationship with this girl. they were dating for 3 months. he's 26 and she's 19. so during those months, he takes her out for breakfast/lunch and hang out at places. he's always the one that pays - she never offers. he has been saying that he doesn't like his job and he thinks his pay is low so he can get broke easily and that girl is still in college. then he said that he broke up with her because he thought she was using him and he told me that he told her "i cannot afford you" ... but then they still remained friends afterwards. they still go out to have breakfast/lunch just as friends and still hang out with each other and she still doesn't pay.. he pays for all of it.
dont you think it was useless to break up then? i dont understand this... do you think they can just be friends or still has feelings there?
  • They probably still have feelings for each other
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  • She probably still has feelings for him (only her)
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  • He probably still has feelings for her (only him)
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  • They dont probably dont have feelings for each other anymore
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  • It's now a purely physical relationship. He takes her out and she fucks him in return

    • they never had sex. she's a virgin and wants to remain that way till marriage

    • I think that's changed

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