Having a really hard time not thinking about my ex - Had a strange idea that might help

I got dumped from a 9 month on/off relationship last week. I wasn't completely surprised but I am pretty down about this. I feel used (I invested a lot of time, money and heart in this girl). And yes she choose another guy over me.

I'll admit I've been weak and texted her a few times (she told me to call her). I know if I broke off all contact and remove her from my thoughts it would make me look stronger/more attractive. Truth is it's easier said then done. It's like withdrawing from a drug.

However there was one major fault in my ex that I really hated and I should focus on. She has tattoos, lots of them. I REALLY HATE tattoos on pretty girls. I think it's trashy and destroys a girls beauty.

My ex is pitying me right now so I had a weird idea. Could I ask her to send me a few pics of her tattoos (I never told her how much I disliked them). I figure if focus on this fault it would make it easier. Weird request I know...but I think it can help.


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  • Yeah, very weird. The last thing you need to do is boost her ego even more. What you need to do is accept that it's over, and then as the final clincher, send her an email saying that you appreciated having her around and that you hope that her life has been as eventful as your's (Not word for word though). Intriguing and straight to the point. You really are wasting your time with her. The key word here is acceptance, void any thoughts of getting back together!

    • Yeah. It's like one part of brain know's you are 100% right and the other part is addicted/backward.

      The worse thing is she being all "nicey nicey" after this....her sympathy is making things even worse. Even when I was dating her there were things I DIDNT LIKE i.e. tattoos and few other things. I just want to focus on that to realize this is for the best.

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