What do you think she is trying to do?

My ex girlfriend and I broke up recently. I told her, due to the matter of the break up, she will need to apologize to me before we can talk to the future.

She did apologize and I called her and I told her that we can be friends right now until I'm ready for a relationship. Due, to the hurt and pain I am scared of getting in a relationship with anyone. I said, I don't know how long it will be but it will come.

This morning she told me that she will be getting a car and a job and she doesn't know what kind of guys would want this thick *** girl.

That hurt me cause me knowing I still have feelings for her I can't accept the fact that someone having her for them self. That would hurt me.

I asked her if she wanted to get into the talking phase of the relationship and get to know each other cause the reason why we fought was cause we didn't know each other.

Well she said she didn't know. When I hurt that I began to think when a girl says I don't know it means no. They just want to be polite about it.

So I took it a step futher. I asked her if I asked her out tomorrow would she say yes. She said I don't know.

That to me was very worrying. I told her the fact she can get someone else in her life hurts me and I'll be in a everyday painful sistuation intil that happens. If she doesn't go to anybody then good but that doesn't change the fact I'm getting excited for something that may or may not happen.

My friends think she is trying to use me. She wants to be around me when she wants to me around me. When she only needs me.

what do you guys and girls think? Is she really using me?
What do you think she is trying to do?
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