Ex girlfriend murdering me via social media, how do I block the noise?

Feel like such a wimp but my ex has gone on a tear posting unbelievable instagram photos of her. This is something girls do after breaking up, right? Step up their social media game and show everyone how hot they are?

I hate how my mind works but seeing how good she looks makes me want her back. Every time I talk to a girl I compare them to her looks wise and they don't even come close. Why do looks matter so much to us? The reason we didn't work wasn't because of her looks, it was her lack of maturity.

I feel like I've made a huge mistake.


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  • lol just stop looking, it's that simple. You broke up with her, so move on. She's probably hurt and wants some validation - but if nothing has changed what will approaching her achieve except to extend the drama?

    • True. I took her off snapchat but think Facebook would be a little dramatic. I saw it from it popping up on my newsfeed. I think its tough for me because we live in the same city and have some of the same friends. Knowing my friends are hanging out with her and her new guy is making it difficult for me to stop thinking about it.

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    • You're right. It's more of me just having a huge ego I guess which is pretty childish. I think deep down I just can't have her doing better than I am and whenever I feel like she is I want her back as a result. Sucks

    • Hey I think it's amazing that you can recognise that, it's a huge advancement that all of us pretty much miss!
      Having her back won't equal your own success, you'll nail that on your own 😊

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