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Long story, back in December my ex asked me to start talking to him again and to try and fix things with me. We started talking again, and Until last week everything was going fine, we had a big fight in which I told him directly that his actions were hurting me, and his response was "well that's unfortunate? I don't plan on stopping just cause it upsets you" So he basically said he didn't really care, and I told him I wouldn't stand for that. I wanted to work it out but he refused to stop what was hurting me, so he said he was giving up. I sent a friend last night to give him a bunch of stuff back, and he texted me afterwards and it basically ended up with him saying he would have rather me just throw it away, I was mad and said "yea you like to throw things away don't you" and then he responded with "quit feeling so sorry for yourself, it doesn't suit you" and I don't know what the frick that is supposed to even mean hahah so what did he mean by that?


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  • Now you know why my standard response to dumb women thinking they can reconcile or be friends is this, you will not reconcile and ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after nor will you remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. Never even speak to an ex

    • *doesnt even answer the question*

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    • What you should've done was hung up when you knew who it was.

    • Why do you even care? He's an ex

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