I block my ex boyfriend number on Whatsapp?

It is okay that I blocked his number (whastapp) for good? I still love him but the way he treated me brokes my heart especially he's hiding someone without telling me the truth. The reason I have to block him because I always open my Whatsapp just to see if he message me and It's hurt seeing his name with other girl on the Whatsapp status. Why can't he just tell me the truth? So I have no choice and I'm in pain. I did send him my last texts goodbye saying all positive about him, praying for his family especially his mum, get a better job, support him, etc instead of hating him. Because I don't want to hold my grudges to the person I love.

Will he miss me if I ignore him for good? I'm in Day 1 of NC try reach to Day 60 & still block him.

If he's gonna texts me he can just texts me through iMessage.

Full story : search "Is there a chance to get my ex boyfriend back?"
since I can't post the link here


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  • You should only block someone If you really don't want contact with them anymore. If you do want contact again , then you shouldn't" burn your bridges" by blocking them. You should keep the "door open" .

    If he's seeing other girls, maybe you should consider moving on too. You're holding onto someone who seems to have let you go

  • I blocked my ex on what's app February and he hasn't contacted me if he wants to contact you be will do it eventually so good luck and if he doesn't his lost


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