Should I Ditch Him, Or Give Him A Second (aka 10th) Chance?

So I have been seeing/"talking" to this guy named Aaron since January or so. He's cute, nice, totally outgoing and definitely my type- you would think we'd be in a relationship by now. Anyways, because both of us are so busy, we only hang out every other week or so, maybe every two weeks. But it seems like every time we go to hang out, nothing is.. "Set in stone", so to say- for example, I'll ask him to hang out on Monday, and he'll say that's fine, and then I won't hear from him until Monday, where I sit, and I wait, for him to text me to see if we are hanging out. Kind of pathetic, right? On several occasions where we were supposed to hang out, something always comes up. "My parents won't let me go out", or, "I'm really sick" or something along those lines.

Yet when we do hang out, he seems like he actually does care for me- and I've asked him before if I'm bugging him, and if he's still interested in me, because I don't want to waste my time. He just says he's really busy- which is fine, because I'm a busy gal too, so it sort of worked out.

Until Friday night.

We made plans on Monday to hang out on Friday. Friday afternoon I texted him, making sure we were still on for tonight, to which he said, "I think so :)". All seems fine and dandy. So I told him I have practice at 5, and I'm free after that. He told me he had a job interview at five, so he'll let me know. Let me know what exactly? I'm not sure.

So five o'clock rolls around- I eat dinner, take a shower, blow-dry my hair, and see that it's 6:30 and still no text from Aaron. I don't want to bug him, so I wait a little longer.. Until 8. By this time, I'm all ready to go, and I text him saying, "I'm ready when you are".

After ten anxious minutes, I get the dreaded response: "Hey, they're having me work till close today :/"

I had no idea what to say. I was so angry and so hurt, I just ignored it, and haven't spoken to him since. So what exactly should I do? Should I ignore him and move on? Or let him know how much he p*ssed me off? If I say something, I don't want to sound like a girlfriend to him, because I'm clearly not his girlfriend- but I also want to let him know he can't do crap like this to me. Basically, should I ditch him, or give him a second chance?

By the way, I still haven't officially received an apology from him, nor have I heard from him since Friday night.
Should I Ditch Him, Or Give Him A Second (aka 10th) Chance?
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