I got intoxicated and yelled at my date for no reason?

She's 30, I'm 27. Dating for a month. 6 wonderful dates total -- making out, holding hands, talking on the phone everyday telling our life stories, introducing each other to our fav songs and such. Good times.

Then, things went wrong. It was Valentine's Day, which also happened to be her birthday. A day before that, before we hung up on the phone, she asked me, "Are you afraid to say it?" I knew what she meant, and I was in fact beginning to fall in love with her (even though it was really the beginnings of love), so I said it, "I love you." She told me the same.

So, it's Valentine's Day/her birthday. We decide to place a love lock on a fence in a nice area, which many couples in the city do. We write our names on it along with the date, and place it on the fence. I keep a key, and I give her the other to keep. We walk to a nearby lake and throw the keys into the lake, and kiss. She calls us a "couple", and then we take an hour walk, her girlfriend picks her up to take her out of dinner, as the girlfriend tends to smother her and they had this planned weeks ago. So, no big deal.

Problem all occurs when I decide to go to the bar after she leaves with her friend. While at the bar, my date continues to text me about how great of a time she had, how what we did was so cute, etc. She calls a few times just to let me know what her and her girlfriend are doing and where they're going.

I end up arriving home late and intoxicated to the gills. She calls, and I totally started yelling at her for NO reason. I said a few mean things and said the 'f' word many times.

She's distant the next day, call at night. She asks why she's even talking to me again. She cancels our weekend date we planned saying she cannot get over what I said and that she "cannot get hurt again". She say, "There's a lot I like about you, but you threw up a big red flag the other day." She doesn't contact me for a week.
A week goes by, she calls early in the morning saying her computer was "hacked". We decide to meet a bar near her home. I take a look at the computer, introduce her to a few cool things she could do with it, etc. I also apologize again for flipping out on her for no reason while drunk. We have one drink, leave the bar. We almost have sex, but she pulls back.


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What Girls Said 2

  • You fell in love after 6 dates? You can't handle your drink clearly. She sounds a bit attention seeky though. And you sound like an asshole drunk. Maybe you're not a good fit.

  • you need to stop getting drunk. you deserve to get dumped because you were mean to you.


What Guys Said 1

  • you should drink less.


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