Why does he still introduce me as his girlfriend?

Me and my ex boyfriend broke up (well he broke up with me like 2 weeks ago. We are however still friends and not special friends at that. We still love each other...or at least he still says so...but we're just friends...so even after I correct him why does he keep introducing me as his girlfriend...ummmm confused...does he want to get back together"?


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  • you haven't really told him and you have never corrected him either...from his viewpoint, you're still together even though you think otherwise

    • So why not just tell me what he wants instead of insisting when we're alone right along with me that we are just friends

  • You can't be friends with an ex, you end up friends with benefits can't get over it and move on and see other people, or get up set if you start seeing someone else..


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