To be or not to be?

should I be able to get over the fact my childs father texted my family while I was pregnant that the baby wasn't his and that I was on drugs because he was mad? he broke up with me 5 times (not an understatement) in one year and just didn't talk to me and would say it was over while I patiently waited for him to come back. i admit i deserved a couple of the breakups but it got ridic. the sixth time he waited weeks to communicate with me so I moved on and tried dating someone else. he got wind of it and said he would change and wanted me back and sent me roses. my dumbass went back to him and that was when I got pregnant. we were fine after that until I realized he was acting controlling and overly insecure so I wanted a break from him. meanwhile he went and asked around about who I saw while broken up and just went crazy knowing I slept with someone else. (after the fact he knew?) I got over the fact he texted my parents the first time but two months later I'm finding out it was more than once he tried to get them to think I was fucking up. should I forgive him? he's not even sorry even though the kid is 100% confirmed his and he knows it and it was confirmed to him I was not on drugs.


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  • This is a pretty messed up relationship that you're describing. Look, there's no doubt that children are better off with both parents, but there's also no doubt in my mind that young parents uniformly suck. Young, dramatic parents? Yikes! I don't think things are going to change between you two any time soon so I'd recommend breaking things off and trying to work on yourself while focusing on this baby that badly needs you.

    • very helpful and honest, very tough thing to finally execute

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