Is it cruel of me to think that I wish my ex was even a little unhappy without me?

This sounds so selfish posting this but I have to vent. We were together for almost 3 years and he was my best friend. We lived together and I was extremely close with his friends and family. One day we both just decided we had grown apart and needed to go our separate ways. 9 months later I moved to a new area and have really found out a lot about myself. I'm single and enjoying it but social media tends to remind me he's still ok without me... I think I secretly wanted him to come running back and say he missed me even though I wouldn't work things out with him, our lives are just too different. What's wrong with me? Has anyone else felt this way? I'm also a little bothered because one of my previous friends from our friend group is extremely close with him now even though he never liked her when we were together. None of my business anymore but I guess I just have days where it's hard to see things that remind me of the past. I just wanna hear that others have felt the same way as me really lol


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  • so you basically want to watch him beg for you, even though you'd reject him? You see him happy being close to someone and all of a sudden you're bothered by it? I don't understand... it's incredibly selfish


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